What's the Difference between a Gospel Family and a Small Group?

Often we are asked what the difference is between a gospel family and a small group.

The first thing that needs to be said is that small groups are not bad nor are they unhelpful. In fact, small groups can be a great first step that new Christians can’t begin to take when creating a life where there is an orbit with other followers of Jesus outside of Sunday morning.

However, small groups often only become a place where people see each other regularly but yet do not implant themselves as missionaries into the community together.

What we see in the early church is groups of people of different ages, backgrounds, and seasons of life who coming together to do life with one another in an intentional way and also be planted as missionaries within their community.

Gospel family is the attempt to live as these groups of missionaries who are growing closer to each other and to Jesus as well as being on mission for Jesus in the community in a specific way.

What we have found over the last decade is that when someone is vested into a gospel family, their maturity in Christ increases exponentially compared to someone who simply comes to Sunday morning worship.

Lots of times they’re Christians who already have this missionary mindset and lifestyle and just need to put a name on it. Gospel family is that name and it is the most important rhythm that we engage in at Crossroads as Everyday People Becoming Everyday Missionaries.

If any of you have questions about a certain gospel family or what it means to be a part of one, we would love to find some time to talk with you. Just reply back to the Update email. We’ll be in touch!