Are You a Victim of Identity Panic?

We live in a world where people are constantly in search of identity. Recently while I was at Chaplain school, I heard many conversations concerning terms like social location and intersectional identities and relationships that present a certain way. Of course, this all hits me as backward because I am so steeped in our culture at Crossroads, which says that we find our identity in God and specifically in the salvific work (saving, having the power to save) of Jesus Christ. This makes us daughters and sons of God and co-inheritors with Christ.

Regardless of the truth that we enjoy, the world around us is whirling in a quandary of doubt and uncertainty as to whether one can even have an identity or any sense of abstract permanence concerning who they are. The question of “who am I,” has seemingly lost the answer it once had. As everyday missionaries we seek to bring those who have lost a functional identity back to the only answer. It is helpful, though, to have some understanding of the causes of today’s cultural identity crisis.

I came across an article this morning that posits familial dysfunction and breakdown following the sexual revolution of the ’60s as the prime cause. It presents many good and salient points for your consideration and is about a 10-minute read.

I hope it will help you think more deeply about some of the places of hurt in your gospel neighborhood and contemplate the real answers for loneliness. It is easy to live without empathy for things or causes that we don’t understand or feel are easily fixed, but living without empathy does not make for very good gospel neighboring.

Additionally, a well-rounded understanding of the root cause of societal breakdown can act as a dam keeping the flood of revolution from sweeping away our moral compasses.

Check out this article: "The Great Scattering: How Identity Panic Took Root in the Void Once Occupied by Family Life" by Mary Eberstadt

~Pastor Nicholas Rich