Kanye: I’m “A Christian Everything Now”

Before the album dropped, there were a few “pop up” Sunday Service events. “Look at this thing Kanye is doing,” I (pastor Kyle) said to pastor Chad before one of our Wednesday content meetings. We were both intrigued by the mix of contemporary music, a Gospel message, and a big presence of energy and newness hosted by one of the most provocative and enigmatic artists of our age. Since that conversation with Chad, Kanye West has released his album, Jesus is King, and has stormed the country with worship music and interviews pointing to Jesus. On a late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel asked Kanye, “Do you consider yourself to be a Christian music artist now?” Kanye responds, “I consider myself to be a Christian everything now.” Mic drop.

What does it mean that Kanye is a Christian? Is this real or a publicity stunt? Will this make Christianity cool or will it decrease Kanye’s popularity? These are the questions that I read in the media, both secular and Christian. But do these questions matter?

When a famous person comes to have faith in Jesus, I guess that’s a good thing in that it may be a tool for them to be an evangelist, but for you and me, it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference on a daily basis. Jesus is King whether Kanye knows it, or you and I know it, or not. Our daily focus should be on God, and what do you and I do about Jesus’ Lordship? How are we living in response to the King Jesus? Are we becoming more generous, more gracious, more loving, and more patient? That is the calling on the life of all Christians.

If there is a broader takeaway from this “Kanye is a Christian now” cultural event, hopefully it inspires us to see that God is always moving in new and exciting ways. The Holy Spirit that has used artists for thousands of years still does today. How can God use our inner-artists to think outside of the box, to stretch the canvas, and to show God to an entirely new generation of people who need to know Jesus is King?

Here is the Kimmel interview if you want to hear a part of Kanye’s story ….