They did that on the moon?!

As the 50th anniversary of the moon landing has come and gone, there has been a lot of buzz about the event. Hopefully, you were able to catch an airing of the documentary, Apollo 11. For me, it was an exciting and mesmerizing look at an event that happened before I was born.

With all of the coverage of the event, one interesting detail was left out of most of the coverage that I saw. It was a footnote in an article that caught my attention ... Buzz Aldrin took communion on the surface of the moon! Well, he was still in the Eagle lander, but we’re going to count that.

As an elder in the Presbyterian Church, Aldrin was given consecrated bread and wine to take with him on the 240,000 mile trip. Before Armstrong and he went for a stroll on the surface of our nearest celestial neighbor, he took the bread and the cup and remembered the sacrifice of Christ.

“I poured the wine into the chalice our church had given me. In the one-sixth gravity of the moon the wine curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup.” Aldrin recalled.

The event was not broadcasted, or talked about because of a surge of secularism that brought pressure for the government agency to refrain from participating in religious activities.

As a follower of Jesus, I find it amazing and inspiring that before one of humanity’s biggest accomplishments, one of the astronauts remembered one of God’s greatest acts.

As we venture into the world and beyond, as individuals, and as the human family, may we also not forget to bring Christ with us everywhere we go. And may we not forget that one death of a man, was one giant act of salvation for mankind.

~Pastor Kyle Burrows