Making the Most of Your Online Giving

Did you know that part of your online giving more often than not goes to the company that processes the contribution? That means that while your intention is to give $10 on PayPal, in reality only about $8 goes to Crossroads. But that fee can be avoided so that all of your giving goes where you intend it to go.

First of all, your contribution to Crossroads helps empower the church to live out its vision – making church more like family.  Without it, we would not be able to maintain our structure, pay our staff, support the children and youth, and most importantly, bless our local and global communities through our outreach and mission programs.

There are many ways in which you can donate to Crossroads – cash, check and online. Giving online is a modern convenience since so many of us no longer carry cash or use checks.

Not So Fun Fact -- Crossroads pays about $300 in processing fees each month to use online giving.

If you prefer the convenience of online giving (we do too, by the way!), we have made it as easy as possible for you. You can donate online directly to any of the three campuses by going to the Crossroads website or by using the myChurch app. Just click on the link “online giving”.

Or, if you have PayPal (which is free), you can link your giving to whichever campus you are attending. Currently, South and West campuses accept online donations through PayPal — South at and West at

Either through the website or PayPal, processing fees automatically apply, which means your intended giving is chipped into.

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of convenience. If PayPal is your preferred method to contribute, you can send money through Friends and Family/Personal Payment Type. By doing this, there is a $0 fee to the church and it's fee-free for you as well. If you use the website or the myChurch app, you can click on the box to cover the fee.  This way you know that your entire donation goes to Crossroads.

We diligently process all donations and record them in our database, called Planning Center. If you have provided us with an email, you will receive a temporary link to view your donations made to Crossroads. Donations via myChurch app receive a temporary link immediately. If you use any of the other methods — checks, PayPal, cash — AND we have your email, you will receive a link once the donation has been verified and processed.

If you have any questions about your giving in general or how to set up online giving to avoid fees, please contact Ann Krieger.

Thank you for your Support!

Many are uncomfortable when we talk about money.  However, without your financial support, our mission to reclaim our city through gospel families would not happen. Crossroads thanks you for your blessings and continued support.