Dig Deep because spiritual practices lead to the joy of knowing God.

The first of our four core values is "Digging Deep." We don't want to have a shallow faith, we want a full and meaningful relationship with God. The only way to build that relationship is by engaging in spiritual practices that allow us to spend time with God, hear from God, know God, and worship God. Want to dig deep? Here's where to start.

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Reading Scripture

The Bible is the place where we encounter the written word of God who leads us to Jesus, the living Word of God. Read with us Monday - Friday as we allow Scripture to speak to us and shape us. The weekly readings are related to the sermon on the upcoming Sunday. Click here for this week's readings.


Praying is how we listen to God and speak to God. As in any relationship, it is quality time together that allows two parties to know one another. Not sure how to pray or what to pray for? Here is a place to start.


We believe that the biblical practice of giving 10% of your finances to God through the local church is a powerful spiritual practice that helps us counter the material world's grip on our hearts. By giving our first 10%, we learn to trust God to be our provider. We know that not everyone can start giving 10%, so we ask that those who are a part of Crossroads Church to be "percentage givers." 


Fasting means not eating for a set period of time. We know, not eating doesn't sound super fun. But we have found that the biblical and historical practice of fasting is a great way to reflect on life, draw close to God, and experience spiritual breakthrough in our lives. Here is a read that might help you wrap your mind around it.

The list could go on...

There are other Spiritual practices what help to grow our faith, such as worship, hospitality, the Lord's Supper, confession, and thanksgiving, but this list should be enough to get started. We believe that learning to engage in Spiritual practices throughout our lives will connect us to God in deep and meaningful ways. God loves us and wants to bring freedom, beauty, and life to us. Digging deep will help us to meet God and grow in our faith. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or talk to us at one of our Sunday gatherings.